Wig-Wag (C) Module

Wig-Wag Light-Flashing Module Improves Aircraft Visibility

The popular Wig-Wag Alternate Light-Flashing Module has now has been redesigned in solid state, and made into an SMT epoxy-potted module.

It is known that steady (non-pulsed) lights during the daytime can actually decrease aircraft visibility! This device alternately flashes the taxi and landing light or other lights, to improve your aircraft’s visibility. Since pilots are innately aware of motion, this gets their attention! Wig-Wag lighting is believed to markedly improve flying safety, especially in airport traffic patterns and during limited visibility operations.

Not a wimpy 100W flasher; this tiny module is 250 Watts per lamp!

The "Wig-Wag (C) Module" differs from the Wig-Wag (D) because it has no toggle switch. This makes the module extremely versatile because you can use you own switch to implement special switch functions (or just the standard Wig-Wag.
      Basic Specifications:

Dims: 1.30” X 1.50” X 0.30” (26X38X8mm)
Weight:About 1/2 ounce (15 g)
Connectors: 0.250 male Fastons.
.110” Faston, Molex 22-23-2021, 2-pin
male to panel switch
Input Voltage=6-16 VDC
Maximum Switched Lamp Power =2 X 250Watts
Flashing Characteristic = 0.75 sec ON

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Here is an example of several arrangements of switches that give the module several different operating methods.

Installation and mounting—

The Wig-Wag module is designed to fasten to any convenient surface by means of the supplied 3M Series-4000 urethane double coated tape.

Locate an appropriate mounting location. Make sure the mounting surface is burr-free, flat and clean. Painted surfaces should be sanded to clean metal or alodine.
Remove the backing from the attachment tape on the rear of the module.
Install in correct orientation for your application. If in doubt, test it first. Tape gets stronger with time.

At 250 Watts for each lamp, the module should only get to 48 ºC (only 11ºC over human body temperature),so for most purposes the module runs very cool. It is required that lamps over 85W have an inrush current limiter (such as Thermometrics CL-10)installed near the lamp to prevent the initial turn-on surge from damaging the lamp or the Wig-Wag device. No surge suppressor is needed for lamps up to 85W.

The device generates almost no EMI or RFI.

The pulse timing is about 0.75 second per side, alternating and completely independent of lamp wattage.

The device is not static sensitive.