Wig-Wag (D) Light-Flashing Module Improves Aircraft Visibility

The popular Wig-Wag Alternate Light Flashing Module has now has been redesigned in surface mount mosfets, and made into a tiny epoxy-potted module complete with switch!

During World War II, Hudson bombers were outfitted with bright lamps in their Perspex™ noses and refitted clear leading edges. The lamps were adjusted to match the background brightness. This was deadly to submarines that could not see the attack bombers approach until it was far too late! Steady (non-pulsed) lights during the daytime can actually make an airplane nearly invisible!

But wig-wags alternately flash the taxi and landing lights to improve your aircraft’s visibility. Pilots are innately aware of motion, so this really gets their attention! Wig-wag lighting markedly improves flying safety, especially in airport traffic patterns and during limited visibility operations.

Not a wimpy 100W flasher; this tiny power module is 250 Watts per lamp!

Safety doesn’t get any simpler…or smaller. This Wig-Wag is built into the switch. And it will run on 14.5-28 VDC aircraft voltages.
Basic Specifications:

Body Dimensions: 1.25”X1.00” X 0.60”(32 X 25X 15 mm)
Weight: About 1.1 ounce (30 g)
Connectors: 0.250” male Fastons®
Input Voltage=10-30 VDC (Please Take Note!)
60VDC Load Dump Transient Capable
Maximum Switched Lamp Power=2X250 Watts

Actual Size:


Shipping Free to Can-US-Mex –Foreign USPS at cost. Paypal payment preferred


Installation and mounting—

The Wig-Wag module is designed to fasten to any convenient panel just like any other switch on your control panel. Wire as shown.


At 250 Watts for each lamp,the module should only get to 48ºC (only 11ºC over human body temperature!), so for most purposes the module runs very cool. It is required that 250W lamps (on 14.5 VDC systems) have an inrush current limiter (such as Thermometrics CL-101) installed near the lamp to prevent the initial turn-on surge from damaging the lamp or the Wig-Wag device. No inrush current limiter is needed for lamps up to 150W or with 28 VDC aircraft. The device generates almost no EMI or RFI and the device is not static sensitive. The pulse timing is independent of lamp wattage or aircraft voltage. That’s about 42 flashes per-minute-per-lamp alternating. (FAA legal rate).

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Eric M. Jones
Perihelion Design
Revised 06APR04