Now, how you could finish a really classy airplane without a bunch of these?…We have no clue! These are guards from early X-planes. (Someone should X-Plain it to us!) Mount with supplied M4 stainless steel Keps Nuts 1.00" centers. Furnished bare for you to finish and paint as desired. $6.00/pair.
xplane guards
SpaceShuttleSwitchGuard.jpg - 8176 Bytes We asked NASA for their Rockwell-designed Space Shuttle titanium switch guards but they wanted $800 each (Your tax dollars at work!)…so we made our own hard-anodized aluminium masterpieces. 1.18" wide, 0.900" X 1.04. Now NASA and NASA subcontractors buy them from us. Ask for volume discounts. $13.99 each.
(Thanks to Historic Space Systems)
These are less common but still great to guard the rocker switches you don't want to rock by mistake. They also provide the often-overlooked hand-stabilization function, too. Height 3/4"; Mount on 1.5" centers with supplied 6-32 X 1/2" screws. Made of 3/16" round material. Aluminum $9.75/pair.
These more rugged polished stainless steel switch guards come complete with M3 locknuts and washers. The minimum body diameter is 5 mm and they mount on 1-inch centers in panels up to 3/16" thick. Note that they are priced individiually. $6.99 each.
Switch Guards for those 1/4” (6 mm)- bushing switches that are becoming more common in compact designs. These elegant guards are crafted from rugged stainless steel to resist space helmet impacts and are furnished bare for your own paint. At a bargain price! (18 x 18 x 25 mm) $4.75 each.