Power Deuce Schottky Advanced E-Bus Diode

“Heck, there’s nothing wrong with using conventional p-n junction diodes if your airplane runs on 100 Volts!”

Schottky diodes were developed for lower voltages common to battery applications. They have much lower forward voltage drop. This characteristic of the Schottky means lower power losses, greater efficiency, less heat and smaller (or no) heat sinks required.

Let's face it--you could use a p-n diode or even one leg of a full-wave bridge from your local Radio Shack; but why would you want to? Your cellphone doesn't use p-n diodes because they waste too much power, why should your airplane?

The Power-Deuce-Schottky is a double diode module that can be paralleled as a big single 60A diode, separately as two smaller diodes or in a Y-configuration. Please see manual. Power-Deuce-Schottky Manual.pdf
Basic Specifications:
Basic Specifications:
Dimensions: 2.50” X 2.50” X 1.0” (heat sink)
2.5 ounces (70 g)
Connectors: M4 Screws
Max Reverse Voltage =45 VDC
Isolation from base and heat sink 2500V
Maximum Continuous Current=30A (each diode)
Supplied with shorting clips for parallel and Y-configs

 Power-Deuce-Schottky Diode (with heat sink) $59.99
 Two units for Z-19(RB), etc. $99.99

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