football player.jpg - 12712 Bytes   PowerLink Jr. III 35A Solid-State Relay
A solid-state contactor of advanced design and astonishing capabilities specially engineered for aircraft power applications. This SSR is based on new-generation mosfet switches augmented with special additional features for use in experimental aviation.

Use as a general-purpose relay.
Turns on with any switch (to + ).
Lightweight, no RFI, sparking,or noise.
Needs no spike suppression.
Lower resistance than most coil types.
Hold current is only 200 microamps.
No coils, no contacts, no relays!
Overcurrent resets on power recycle.
No G-force or vibration opening.
ESD Protection, Inductive Load Protection.
1000X as rugged as mechanical relays.

Installation Manual (pdf)
Basic Specifications:

Dimensions: 1.50W X 2.00L X 2.30H
Weight: Less than 3.5 ounces
Connect: 0.250" Tabs (10-12 AWG),
2-pin Molex C-Grid (22-24 AWG)
Input Voltage =8-18 VDC
Maximum Allowable Continuous Current 35A
Sea Level 80 C ambient; 20,000 ft. 33C ambient
Allows surge for motor starting and lamp turn-on.


Free Shipping to Can-US-Mexico. Foreign USPS at cost.



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