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La Trancheuse

Air “Slicer” Valve for 3-inch flexible duct. It was specifically designed for Lancairs® but will do the job in any aircraft that needs a remote-controlled ventilation duct valve. Uses a rugged Futaba S3004 ball bearing servo that is controlled by our (included) EGPNMSC.

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Here is the Trim Wheel updated for use in a servo trim system. It can be mounted in any orientation. This is the ultimate solution to the four-buttons-on-two-control-sticks trim dilemma.

Urethane wheel--can be backlighted. This device acts just as you would think-The wheel rolls 2-1/2 turns end-to-end; this drives the "fiduciary" end-to-end and turns the linear potentiometer full scale too.

Designed to mount on the console. The mechanism used here is exceedingly reliable. No gears or cams here, just a reliable Kynar-reinforced cogbelt. We can supply the device as a kit so you can make special modifications (like an encoder, Hall-effect pot, etc.) or as a complete unit--assembled and tested.
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True Servo Conversion for M.A.C.-R.A.C. “Sort-of-Servos”
True servos read a control signal and move a motor or mechanical part as commanded. Some feedback is required to complete the control loop. The standard MAC-RAC runs a motor with two pushbuttons and uses their LED bar graph and the pilot’s sense of stick forces as feedback. So it is only a “Sort-of-Servo”. The MAC-RAC would be a real servo if its internal potentiometer wiper voltage were fed back to a logic controller to drive the motorized mechanism to a desired position automatically. Perihelion Design has done just that for builders who want to use their MAC-RAC as a true servo to trim the elevator, ailerons or rudder or for simple jobs such as controlling heater or air vents, opening a baggage or dipstick door, and other tasks. As the control knob is goeth the servo.
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The Very Best “13 Volt Idiot Light” Since Hector was a Pup!

They call these “Idiot Lights”. An “Idiot” is defined as an epithet that can be directed at anyone but you. So do this for your friends—they really need it.

Since your alternator and battery voltage is about 14.5 volts when the alternator is working, a Low Voltage Annunciator trips at 13 volts to tell you that your alternator has failed—and from that point you’re going to be losing electrical energy—so you’d better start making plans if you need the electrical power.

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Extremely General Purpose Non-MAC SERVO CONTROLLER

Perihelion Design developed the EGPNMSC for builders who want to use their own Futaba, Hitec, JR Micro, and other standard R/C servos for simple tasks such as controlling heater or air vents, opening a baggage or dipstick door. Since servos require a special pulse-width signal usually supplied by an R/C radio or computer, using them has been not particularly straightforward until now.

These servos could in fact also trim the elevator, ailerons, or rudder, because little servos are very powerful devices.
$49.99 each (Includes Knob).
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Mil-type 15/32" diam. knob

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