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LEDs will usually last much longer than your airplane.... 100,000 hours life is equivalent to maybe 50 engine changes and is a lot longer than most marriages. So if you fly 200 hours per year, an LED light will be burning for perhaps 50 years. A socket is not recommended, since it is far less reliable than the LED. There are many examples of LEDs that have operated continuously for over 300,000 hours—and they are still going strong. This is all pedantic of course, because the real advantage is that the light will not be burned out when you need it, does not have to be changed at annuals, draws less current, and stays bright-as-new for the lifetime of your aircraft.

         gooseneck.jpg - 6350 Bytes  LED Goosenecks allow you to put light wherever you want it. We have added a great improvement to this idea by allowing the gooseneck to be configured as a single "eyeball" that swivels OR can be made any length.

This basic construction is familiar to anyone who has walked into a machine shop—it is the Loc-Line® system used for squirting coolants on parts being machined—so it has two great features: It is brutally rugged and will stay exactly where you put it, even at several G's and in high-vibration environments. The base attaches with four screws. Custom LED colors and configurations are available —please inquire.
Kit includes 4-LED head (two white and two red LEDs), mounting base, five neck vertebrae, assembly manual, wire, limiting resistors for the LEDs (USD$28.99).
Buy optional assembly tool—$12.00.
Rent Optional Assembly Tool—$2.00.
Extra Neck Vertebrae $1.50 Each.
To quote on other custom Goosenecks, including all red, all white, other colors, multi-colored, IR, UV, etc.: or call 508-764-2072 (Eastern)


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More info- LED Tail Light

Installation Manual–LED Tail Light

Please note: Grimes or Whelen Tail Light is not included in our price, nor do we sell them.

A white tail lamp is part of every aircraft lighting system as specified by FAR Part 23 Sections 23.1395 to 23.1399. The GE #93 or #94 lamp common to aircraft tail light applications is rated an annoyingly-short 100 hours. Our white LED version draws one amp, and lasts 20,000- 100,000 hours.

This lamp retrofits a Whelen A555 or Grimes A2064 tail light (not supplied). Due to its extraordinary lifetime, solid-state LED, lower current requirements; it easily meets or exceeds the FAA requirements.

This lamp also can be used as an interior lamp, an under-wing light, a baggage-compartment, or engine-compartment light, or could even be made into a very wide-angle flashlight. The device generates no EMI or RFI.