Titanium Flap Handle Ratchet Plate for GlaStars--We charge only $89.99 for this beautiful titanium part with free USPS first class shipping anywhere on planet Earth. This redesigned form corrects common flap problems while satisfying SB-31.

  -Lighter than original.
  -Clean, "no-messing-around" flap changes.
  -No finger choppers!
  -3.2° more flap movement.
  -Rollers go end-to-end.
  -Solid aircraft titanium.
  -Replaces original exactly.
  -Over 600 sold!
  -Ten-million-year guarantee.

   Free Shipping

A GlaStar "Must-Have"

GlaStar Helpful Hint.pdf
Glastar Stamp - 36042 Bytes Tanzanian Glastar Stamp Tanzanian Glastar Souvenir Sheet is headed by the curious notation: “Less than a century from the first airplane flight of the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, aircraft transportation has become a common service for tens of millions of peoples around the world of all races nationalities, religions and social classes. If one desires, one can even fly to the almost unpopulated continent of Antarctica.” Tanzanian Glastar stamp souvenir sheet about 3" x 4", suitable for framing, are still available. (1500 Tanzanian Shillings is about $1.50 USD). When these are gone they are GONE! $6.00 each--free shipping.