Extraordinarily General Purpose Adjustable Voltage Regulator

To brighten or dim the interior or panel lights of the certificated aircraft you trained in, you turned a knob attached to an Ohmite series A wire-wound potentiometer. Behind the panel somewhere was a smoking hunk of ceramic wound with nichrome wire. The desired voltage was picked off by a little block of graphite. It weighed easily as much as a cheeseburger. It also changed brightness if the load changed and the aircraft vibration could change the selected brightness a bit. But it worked okay.

The LM317T integrated circuit voltage regulator had not yet been invented when many common aircraft were already certificated, so they missed this very nice trick.

Perihelion Design has developed the EGPAVR for builders who want one or more voltage regulators to dim the LEDs or incandescent interior and panel lights. Or actually…anything at all.

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ON/OFF 3A switch at CCW end
Weighs less than 1/2 oz (14 g)
Thermal Overload Protection
“Safe Area” Protection
80 dB ripple filter
Overcurrent protection
Resistors can be added for Vmax and Vmin


1.5A guaranteed output current
14 or 28 Volts input
Max voltage is 37 Volts
Bushing is 1/4”Long, 1/4”-32 thd.
Shaft is 0.125" diameter X 0.75" Long
Anti-Rotation lugs
Size w/o shaft: 0.67 W; 0.78 L; 0.82 H

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More Information

US$34.75 each knob included  
Three EGPAVR with knobs only US$99  
Perihelionknobjpg.jpg - 2090 BytesMil-type 15/32" diam. Included