My Miscellaneous (and I Hope) Interesting Writing

Death Valley Climb-out (PDF)

The World's Biggest Battleships (PDF)

The Stones of Baalbek (PDF)

History We were Never Taught (PDF)

Army Qualification Test 1943 (PDF)                  Army Test Answers (PDF)

How I Beat a LIDAR Speeding Ticket (PDF)

Mexican Money Madness 1993 (PDF)

Superellipses: Easy Elegant Shapes (PDF)

Dabbling with Electricity; It's Child's Play (PDF)

U.S. Wealth Distribution 2001

U.S. Wealth Distribution 2007 (PDF)

Zeros...The Meaning of Big Numbers

Leo's Tale...The True Cannonball Story (PDF)

A True-Life Puzzler (PDF)

Great Advice (JPG)

A Tandy Computer 1989 (PDF)

QOCMasthead.jpg - 31923 Bytes ...or How California Got Its Name

  Technical Information

Homebuilt Aircraft Minimum Equipment Requirements (PDF)

Thermostatic Pitot Tube (PDF)

Nosewheel Shimmy (PDF)

Economics of Aircraft Weight Reduction

  Aviation Related Links

Aeroelectric Website


Sectional Charts

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