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18-Pole CDI Switcher for VOR/GPS Receiver
This was originally designed by Robert L. Nuckolls III, but we've made a few changes in it and packaged it (and now it's all solid state). The schematic pinout has been changed to simplify wiring, otherwise it is similar to Bob's original design—the relay switches 18 lines so that the VOR reciever and the GPS receiver can share a single CDI display—Cool! Similar to that $695.00 box somebody sells. Jeeeze...

To roll your own original relay unit Click Here for the schematic and Digikey parts list.
And download ExpressPCB.com and then download an ExpressPCB PCB file here: www.PerihelionDesign.com/downloads/18-pole relay.pcb

Or buy ours (solid state) $175.00 Shipping included.
18-pole GPS-VOR to CDI Solid State Relay